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Hometown Custom Decks takes pride in using the highest quality materials and providing superior workmanship… and of course great customer service.  We are not a high-pressure-type company.  We are down to earth and know that the decision is yours. We simply provide you with the best price possible and we stand behind our work 100%!  As a family-owned business, we’ve been building awesome wood-oriented hardscapes of every variety since 1985.  Our proven track record across central and south Texas, speaks volumes about our performance, so when you’re ready to hire we hope you’ll choose Hometown Custom Decks to design and build a uniquely-yours, outdoor living area!


Below is a list of some of our most popular structures and spaces our customers request, but we can build just about anything you can imagine!!

Decks – Every Variety, Size and Shape:
We work with pressure-treated pine, cedar, redwood and composite decking products (Trex).  We can also provide you with “specialty wood products” such as teak, maple and other great hardwoods that can be used for outdoor structures. Decks not only add beauty and comfortable, outdoor living space, they add value to your home or property.    We ask for the opportunity to show you our design ideas first!  From two-story decks to high elevation decks, from suburban backyard decks to swimming pool and spa areas, decks provide that surface that enhances the way you live and we do it all!

Our projects are conceived and constructed utilizing effective design concepts based upon your vision.


Patios, Porches, Lanais & Pavilions: 
All forms of porches provide fresh air and a nice, relaxing and comfortable outdoor space. Whether covered or open-air, they are perfect for reading a book, watching the children play, entertaining or just hanging-out with friends and family.  Envision yourself inviting your neighbor to come, sit and talk for while with a cool glass of lemonade!   These are the images that come to mind when most of us think of a front or back porch for hundreds of years!  When you enclose the area with screen, you hinder the insects (and mosquitos) but folks still benefit from the open-air concept and afternoon breezes!

Swimming Pool, Spas and Hot Tubs:
Take your above-ground pool, your spa or hot tub space to the next level when you ask Hometown Custom Decks to produce the perfect deck for comfort and safety and increased value on you property. We can add wrap-around stairs (multiple if you like), gates and fences for safety, areas to shower and places to hold your pool toys and cleaning equipment… leaving the area spacious and clutter-free for your chaise lounges, patios sets and other poolside want and needs!  We work closely with A-Tex Above-Ground Pools – one of San Antonio’s finest pool installers and maintenance providers!


Pergolas & Gazebos:
Pergolas are very popular options both for their beauty and for the function they provide. While a pergola does not provide as much shade as a porch or roof structure, it does provide a level of sun protection. Depending on the orientation of the sun in your yard and the level of sun protection.  (We will optimize the project for more or less shade, by pinpointing the sun’s movement.) There are 3 differences between pergolas and gazebo:  pergolas are square or rectangular whereas gazebos are typically round or octagonal.    Pergolas have cross-beams while gazebos have a roof.  Pergolas can be attached to a home or existing structure, but gazebos are free-standing structures.

Hometown Comfort ~ Hometown Beauty ~ Hometown Value!

Arbors & Trellises:
An arbor usually incorporates a trellis into its structure, creating a tunnel-like passageway of climbing plants.  Typically, a trellis is usually latticework that is built to support and provide structure for vining-plants.  Trellises can be attached to the site of a building or freestanding and a garden.  The provide beauty in the flower garden, some like to use a trellis for vining vegetables and the arbor supports the trellis. Some arbors incorporate a bench or some form of seating – so that one can enjoy the flowers and yard.  They add beauty to anyone’s yard or property!

Outdoor Living Spaces:
Outdoor living means you can do your favorite things outside in a space that is both functional and beautiful.  You can cook outside and enjoy meals, entertaining family and friends is always fun, serving refreshments around the pool or hot tub, or just relax near the outdoor bar, wood-burning fireplace space or the conversational fire pit area. Whether you have an urban oasis or live in a rural setting, there are many features and one will speak to you!  Expect functionality, comfort and create a beautiful setting for your home – NOW!


Custom Railings, Bench Seating & Lighting:  Railings, gates and fencing provide safety around your above-ground pool, spa or hot tub areas, especially if you have young children.  But that’s not all.  High elevation or double decker (2-story or more) also must have railings, gates and perhaps some fencing for safety concern.  Many cities dictate the specifics of safety structures.  You can count on Hometown to tell you what those code and building standards are and then follow them without variance.   If there’s a beautiful view, that’s great – but higher decks pose higher safety concerns.  Railings are also a must for most walkways and certainly “all” staircases.  Since decks of every kind of shape and size and involving multiple uses are used day and night, lighting becomes a strategic, safety concern as well.  Light placed at the top and bottom (and maybe the middle on longer or twisting staircases) is very important.  We will help you determine where those lighting areas should be installed.  Custom seating in the form of built-in benches provide adequate seating around the pool, spa or hot tub.

Children Areas, Playhouses & Fun Spaces:
Many times we are asked to build play areas and houses for families with young children.  There is no project too big or small for Hometown Custom Decks.  If you need a play-space designed, just ask us and we’ll prepare a design that fulfills all your needs and will last long past the time when the children are grown!!


Restoration Services:
Have a deck, porch, pergola or other wooden structure that needs to be brought back to life. We have an affordable “renewal” service that will make it look like new!  Ask us for a Free Quote to learn how this process works and why it’s so affordable!  No project is too big or too small  If you have wood and it’s lost it’s appeal or need to be resurfaced, repaired or something else, give us a call first. We know we can help!

Sealing & Staining – Protection and Durability:
Protecting the wood is essential to the look and life or your wood structure.  The sealing and staining process adds years to the life of your deck, gazebo or other wooden structure.  From power-washing services, to sanding, to applying the “special nutrients” that wood requires to stay healthy and beautiful, Hometown Custom Decks can make your structure(s) look revitalized and renewed.  The investment is always worth it and we do it best!

We can’t show you everything on this page – but hopefully you have a good idea of just how much we can do.  Please call 210-692-7742 to schedule a free price quote for your next outdoor project.  We look forward to speaking with you and want to help make your vision a reality!  Thank you!!

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